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We know too well the frustrations and anxieties homeowners and business owners face when a tap won’t stop dripping, a drain gets clogged, or a water heater goes kaput. It’s not just about the inconvenience but the unforeseen disruptions, potential damages and unexpected costs. These issues can throw off your daily rhythm, lead to larger, costlier problems, and even compromise the comfort and safety of your home or commercial premises.

Don’t worry, our premium plumbers are here to help.

At HouseWorks Plumbing, we don’t merely offer services; we build lasting relationships. Our core values include dedication, clear communication and unwavering transparency, setting us apart from our competitors.
We recognise that plumbing predicaments can often spiral into overwhelming challenges. Our professionals ensure that every detail is clarified, every query addressed, and even proffer proactive tips to safeguard your plumbing’s future. Because to us, knowledge is empowerment.
Think of HouseWorks Plumbing not just as specialists with tools but as your trusted allies in the vast plumbing world. Our promise? Craftsmanship that’s impeccable, a keen eye and a service demeanour that feels like a neighbourly chat.
Your home or business deserves the peace of mind that only HouseWorks Plumbing can offer. Our company is where reliability meets the heart of service. Together, let’s transform plumbing hitches into seamless experiences and make disruptions a tale of the past.

Meet Tim, our owner and principal plumber

It’s not just Tim’s technical skills that make him stand out. He’s also known for his friendly and approachable nature. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and explain the necessary repairs, putting your mind at ease throughout the process.
His passion for assisting our NDIS clients is a real standout, as he loves being able to provide solutions for our clients who have limited mobility or a disability.
“Watching someone with arthritis turn a tap on and off with ease, rather than struggling, is a reminder to us of the simple pleasures found in the ease of daily life. Providing them with a service that makes their life easier really makes my day.”

Why choose HouseWorks Plumbing as your plumber in Perth?

Solving every problem or situation with a customised plumbing solution

At HouseWorks Plumbing, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier plumbing services in Perth. Our foundation lies in ensuring our clients’ utmost satisfaction, every single time. Whether you’re seeking residential plumbing solutions for your home or commercial plumbing expertise for your business, we are your go-to professionals.

Guaranteed excellence

Every service, be it plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, or the undertaking gas line installations, comes with our seal of satisfaction guaranteed. From the fundamental tap installation in your kitchen to hydrojetting and water filtration systems in your commercial space, our licensed plumbers are trained to handle it all.

Comprehensive services

Our wide-ranging services include everything from leak detection, pipe repair, and toilet repair, to the nuanced techniques of flexi piping and flexi hoses. Looking to upgrade? We specialise in water heater installation, plumbing upgrades, and even meticulous plumbing inspections to prevent unforeseen issues.

Prompt and reliable

We understand the importance of on-time call outs. When you're dealing with clogged drains, burst pipes, or any pressing water pressure issues, our team is swift to respond.

Affordable solutions

Quality doesn't have to break the bank. As a leading plumbing company, our quotes are transparent, offering affordable plumbing without compromising on quality.

Your friendly neighbourhood plumbers

Beyond our technical expertise, what sets us apart is our team. Our plumbing contractors aren't just skilled; they're approachable, friendly, and always ready with plumbing tips and advice. And just for a dash of fun - keep an eye out for our monthly team shout-outs! You'll get to know the champions behind our services, their favourite plumbing challenges, and maybe even a few of their most cherished jokes.

Our Specialists

Our team of plumbing experts


owner and principal plumber


Office Manager

Jane R. Holtman


Our process

A plumbing service with HouseWorks is as easy as 1,2,3!


Initial consultation

Reach out to HouseWorks Plumbing via phone, email, or our online contact form. Describe your plumbing concern or need, and we'll set up a convenient time for a consultation. During this session, our team will assess the situation, discuss potential solutions, and listen to any specific preferences or requirements you might have.


Receive your complimentary
upfront quote

Post-assessment, HouseWorks Plumbing will provide you with a transparent, detailed quote. This ensures you're fully informed about the proposed work and its associated costs. We pride ourselves on straightforward pricing with no hidden surprises.


Schedule and commence work

Once you’re satisfied with the quote, we’ll schedule a date and time that suits you for the job to commence. Our team will arrive promptly, ensuring work is completed with the utmost precision, adhering to our commitment to quality and transparent communication throughout the process.

Our values, at a glance

At HouseWorks Plumbing, it’s not just the technical know-how that makes us stand out – it’s our approach to every client and every job. Tim, at the helm, is more than just a seasoned plumber; he’s a friend to many of our clients. His friendly and approachable nature, combined with his impeccable attention to detail, has made him a beloved figure in Perth’s plumbing community.
We’ve heard the sighs of relief and seen the smiles when Tim takes time to patiently explain a repair procedure. We’ve also witnessed the sheer joy on the faces of our NDIS clients when they can easily operate a tap or use a bathroom facility, thanks to our custom modifications. It’s not just Tim’s technical skills that set him apart from the rest.
  • Service: Whether it’s residential or commercial plumbing, we’re dedicated to ensuring the comfort and safety of your spaces.
  • Communication: We believe in transparent conversations, ensuring you’re well-informed every step of the way.
  • Transparency: We prioritise upfront pricing and honest work. With us, what you see is what you get.
Our Specialists

Our team of plumbing experts

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